•Feeling disconnected from your body
•Unclear on what you want out of life
•Unsure of your life's purpose
•Struggling to connect with your true self
•Engaging in unhealthy habits and addictions
•Not feeling connected to your surroundings
•Having trouble speaking your truth
•Unclear on what you want out of life
•Physical symptoms of dis-ease
•Wanting to know and understand yourself on a deep level
•Wanting to understand your loved ones on a deeper level


I Know You Might Be Wondering:

How do I connect to my soul's purpose?
How do I know what I am supposed to be doing with my life?
How do I find my connection to the universe?
What if I don't feel "spiritual"
How to I establish a better relationship with myself?
How can I heal mind, body, and soul?
How will I stay consistent with my spiritual practices?

The Answer:

Accelerating your spiritual awakening!

This IS How You Do It:

Learn to identify, diagnose, and nurture your chakra imbalances


Learn to meditate


Utilize spiritual modalities to speed up your awakening!

You recieve:


♥90 chakra lessons
♥9 hours of video content
♥105 affirmations
♥56 journal prompts
♥21 rituals
♥7 yoga awakening classes
♥7 guided meditations
♥7 sound healings
♥4 breath work exercises


♥ Meditation how to's
♥ Sitting demo
♥Pre meditation yoga
♥ 6 guided meditations


♥ Over 7 hours of video content
♥Learn everything you need to know about 36 different modalities
♥Specific recommendations and resources

The Chakra Masterclass

Master Your Meditation

Meditation How To's

Learn everything you need to know from how to sit, what to focus on, how to pause your thoughts, and MORE!

Pre Meditation Yoga

Yoga prepares your body for seated meditation, take this class to get your muscles ready to sit still afterwards!

Guided Meditations

6 different guided meditation techniques so you can decide which is right for you! Build your technique arsenal!

The Spiritual Modality Guidebook


We start with you need to know about the Spiritual Modality Guidebook!

Phase 1 Modalities

Sound Healing

Crystal Therapy



Body Work



Journaling and Channeling



Ecstatic Dance


Phase 2 Modalities







Quantum Healing

Body Talk

Cord Cutting

Inner Child Healing


EFT Tapping

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Phase 3 Modalities



Spirit Guide Connection


Past Life Regression

Entity Removal

Akashic Records

Phase 4 Modalities






All of your guidebook resources in one place! PDFs, recommended practitioners, recommended retreats, studies, booking appointments.

Hi, I’m Tyguenne!

I am here as your Chakra Therapist! Let’s take a deep look into your chakras and heal you from the inside out!

My journey is a paradigm shift from “glitzy, glamour, girl” to “harmonious, humbled, healer.” The glitz and glam never left, yet I dramatically shifted into a higher consciousness once I tapped into my innate powers.

It is my life’s purpose to share my journey of self discovery, encouraging you to access your personal healing power to help you discover your ability to create ultimate happiness in your life with Chakra Therapy. 

I am a Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Level IIII Practitioner with hundreds of clients and dozens of students under The Beautiful Shift Certification Program.

My goal is to take you beyond the basic teachings of Reiki and really have you feeling confident in taking your healing a step further. Taking an active role in your mental, emotional, and physical healing is the ultimate form of self love. Let’s get healing!

Choose a Pricing Option


•You feel your best every single day
•You wake up happy and fulfilled
•You never doubt your inner magic
•You are tapped into you intuition
•You find the root emotional cause of your dis-eases
You know yourself better than ever
•You are able to help your loved ones understand their imbalances

You Will:

•Align your chakras to balance
•Connect deeply with your physical body
•Become in tune with what your emotions are telling you
•Tap into subtle signals your body gives you
•Become innately self aware
•Feel more yourself than ever before


1. "I am new to chakra work, is this bundle for me?"

YES! We take you from A-Z in The Chakra Masterclass so you do not need any prior knowledge! Activate Your Alignment is more advanced chakra work so we recommend completing the first few modules of The Chakra Masterclass first so you are best prepared!

2. How do I know chakra therapy will work for me?

This is almost like asking "how do I know eating healthy and exercise will be good for me?" We don't really question this right? We just know it is true! It is the same with chakra therapy, EVERYONE benefits from it. The thing is, we aren't taugh about our subtle body anatomy in school, we are only taught about our physical body anatomy. We promise you, once you learn about chakra awareness and chakra therapy, you will talk to talk about the benefits with everyone you know!

3. "I am very busy and concerned I won't have enough time to dedicate to the modules?"

We get it! We all lead busy lives and it is daunting to imagine fitting one more thing in! This is why both The Chakra Masterclass & Activate Your Alignment were designed to be self paced!

Most of The Chakra Masterclass modules are around 15 minutes each, so it is easy to do just even one at a time! You can go as slow of fast as you want.

Activations from Activate Your Alignment are 30 minutes. If you are short on time we recommend the annual plan so you have more time to finish everything!

4. "I am not super tech savvy, do I need to know anything in particular to take the courses?"

All you need to do is to press play and next! Teachable is a super intuitive and easy to use platform! The Chakra Masterclass does have some documents you will want to print, but other than that it is just pressing play and you are good to go!

5. “I have doubts that I am ready for a shift in my life, is it the right timing for me?

There is no “right” time, there is only now. And you are HERE for a reason! There are no coincidences in life!

6.What is a spiritual modality?

Spiritual modalities are guides to aid in your spiritual awkening! They offer different techniques to tapping into your spirit essence and spiritual gifts you hold!

Somewhere along your spiritual awakening journey you are bound to use some type of modality! I bet there is at least one in here you haven't thought of, or didn't know as much as you will after taking the course!

7. How does The Spiritual Modality Guidebook work?

This guide is over 7 hours of self paced video content and notes!

Take the course as fast or as slow as it suits you! It might be a lot of information to dive into at once so take what calls to you!

We break down the modalities into 4 phases based on intensity, so only move on as you feel ready!

Learn about each modality and receive recommendations. As someone who as experienced all of these modalities I offer you perspective on each one!

8. "I feel like it is a large investment and I am not sure if I should join?"

The Spiritual Awakening Bundle is for those who are serious about commiting to their healing. *We do not offer refunds of any kind, or for any reason, so please be sure you are fully invested before enrolling.

Investment in yourself is the ULTIMATE form of radical self love! You are worth it boo! Continuing to go about your day to day feeling symptoms of chakra imbalances is super uncomfortable and takes a real toll on you mentally, phsyically, and emotionally. Continuing to live this way is wayyyy more expensive than taking the leap to shift and upgrade! It is up to you to decide you are worth it! AND YOU ARE :-)